Instructions for PIPOLINO®-L/XL

For puppies refer to instructions for PIPOLINO®-S here
Instructions for PIPOLINO®-L & PIPOLINO®XL are identical.


PIPOLINO®-L/XL is a mobile and adjustable distributer of dry feed (croquettes, pellets) for dogs.

It was conceived by a Veterinarian, in total respect of a dog’s ethology, with a view to providing health and well-being through a naturally playful approach.

Initial use

To optimise usage, remove all sources of feed (feeding bowls), and do not provide any form of snacks during the initiation (the dog must be hungry in order to use the dispenser.

  • Set the maximum debit, and using a screwdriver, release the locking screw, and set to position 8, in order to motivate your dog, and allow it to discover how to use the PIPOLINO®-L. Screw back without forcing the thread.
  • At the dog’s normal feeding time (the dog must be hungry to use the PIPOLINO®-L), fill the dispenser with a usual portion of feed.
  • Replace and lock the lid.
  •  Place the PIPOLINO®-L on the floor, close to the location where the feeding bowl used to be, with one end resting against the wall and the other end resting a few centimetres away from the wall.

  • Drop a few croquettes between the wall and the PIPOLINO®-L.
  • Wait for the dog to come and get the croquettes thus displacing the PIPOLINO®-L.
Care: during the initial use, should the dog seek to hold the PIPOLINO®-L in its mouth, order it to put it down.
A period of adaptation is sometimes necessary: be patient, and never scold the dog if it fails to use the PIPOLINO®

After the feed:

Place the PIPOLINO®-L  out of the dog’s reach. It is normal if a few croquettes remain in the PIPOLINO®-L. Do not open the lid and give these to the dog. For subsequent the replenishment do not take into consideration the remaining feed, just add a normal quantity of croquettes, and continue this subsequently.

The PIPOLINO®-L may be used by splitting the feeds (for puppies), or by reducing the frequency to a single feed a day, preferably in the evenings. Providing the dog with a feed with the PIPOLINO®-L just before leaving the dog is a good way of avoiding feeding anxiety.

Care: provide clean drinking water to fully cater for demand.
For a group of puppies each weighing more the 5 kg, or more than one dog, use the PIPOLINO®-XL.
When more than one adult dog is using the same type of feed, ensure that the hierarchy is respected in order to avoid conflicts

In the event that the dog is to be left alone:

The PIPOLINO®-L is to be presented in the most natural manner (avoid petting or talking to the dog). Reduce the debit in order to extend the feeding time to the maximum. The PIPOLINO®-L is to be made available until you return. 

Upon your return remain neutral, and after a few minutes resume contact with the dog by going for a walk or playing with it.

Technical details


  1. Rubber treads suitable for food contact
  2. Debit rate adjustment lock screw
  3. Setting mark
  4. Setting positions
  5. Outer openings
  6. Lockable lid

Your PIPOLINO®-L comprises 2 independent concentric cylinders, one imbricated in the other, each with an assortment of openings, which allow rotation to achieve variable debits of feed.

There are 3 basic settings, 8, 2, 1 (8, 4, 2, 1 for the PIPOLINO®-XL), position 1 produces the smallest debit (1 opening), as well as intermediate “half-moon” positions. The setting mark allows the selection of the desired rate of debit.

The diameter of the openings is 17 mm. Ensure that the croquettes being used fit freely through the openings.

Recommendations & restrictions

Société PIPOLINO declines all responsibility for damages resulting from the non-compliance with these instructions.


The PIPOLINO®-LPIPOLINO®-XL may be used with any type of croquettes with a diameter of 17 mm or less.

Avoid using the PIPOLINO® on gravel or surfaces littered with debris.

To obtain optimum functionality, the PIPOLINO® must be placed on an even and smooth surface, such as tiling, either indoors or outdoors (terrace), depending on the dog’s life style.

You may restrict the surface of usage in order to limit the distance of movement, or place the PIPOLINO® in a rectangular container (width > than the length of the PIPOLINO®, length twice the length of the PIPOLINO®, height ¾ of the PIPOLINO®’s diameter). Take care not to drop the dispenser from a height.

When an important quantity of croquettes remains in the distributer, the following issues should be considered: slow ingestion gives rise to repletion, which normally satisfies the needs of the dog’s constitution. An undesirable variation of the dog’s weight may justify changing the nutritional quality of the feed being used. Seek your Veterinarian’s advice.

Your dog’s gastric process will be greatly enhanced by the regular use of the PIPOLINO®; none the less a period of inaction is advisable after each feed.

The PIPOLINO® will influence the behaviour of your dog by encouraging the use of energy, which will vary depending on the dog and circumstances.

The PIPOLINO® will not be a substitute for walks and games, which are indispensable for the dog’s well-being.

Gestation & Lactation: the frequency and duration of feeds should not be limited during gestation and lactation. The quantity (and quality) of the feed must be increased during lactation compared to the normal feeding practice.


  • Do not allow young children to play with PIPOLINO®.
  • Do not put moist feed in the dispenser, or use it under the rain, in snow, or on icy surfaces.
  • Do not use the PIPOLINO® in the event of sudden uneasiness or inexplicable locomotion problems. In such an event quickly consult your Veterinarian.
  • Do not use the PIPOLINO® with a blind, paralysed, or wounded dog.