Instructions for PIPOLINO®-S


Le PIPOLINO®-S is a mobile feed dispenser for dry products (croquettes, pellets, grain…) destined for small pets.

It was conceived by a Veterinarian aiming at health and well-being, through a natural and playful approach. PIPOLINO®-S is a made to measure device, conceived specifically for a species: either exclusively (dogs,  cats, ferrets ) or in a mixed diet ( rodents, rabbits ).

Initial use (rabbits, ferrets, rodents)

PIPOLINO®-S may, at the owners convenience, be made available to the pet continuously ( dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits rodents ) or in a programmed fashion ( dogs: 1 to 3 times a day ; other species: continuously for 12 hours a day ).

Acceptance by the pet at the outset is immediate when the dispenser is set to the maximum number of openings. Subsequently, the setting should be modified in accordance with the desired period of availability: for a continuous access the PIPOLINO®-S should be set to the minimum number of openings.

Initiation: during the initiation period it is recommended to use the No 8 position.
  • Load the ration into the PIPOLINO®-S
  • Select the desired size of the opening based on the shape of the feed: (11, 8, 6 mm) 
  • Place the cursor against the pictograph selected above corresponding to the desired period of feeding access:
    • 8: short feeds
    • 2: medium length feeds
    • 1: long feeds
Advice: after a few minutes usage, reduce to 2 openings of the desired size, and for subsequent usage set to one or two openings      to obtain the desired release.
Care: ensure that clean water is made available to fully satisfy demand. Take into consideration the specific needs of each species.

Initial use (kittens or puppies)

To optimise usage, remove all other sources of feed ( feeding bowl ), and do not provide any form of snacks during the initiation ( the pet must be hungry in order to use the dispenser).

  • Set the maximum debit using a screwdriver, unscrew the locking screw, and set to position 8 so as to motivate your dog, and allow it to discover how to use the dispenser. Screw back the lock without forcing it.
  • At the normal feeding time ( the dog must be hungry enough to want to use the dispenser), fill the P-S with the normal quantity of feed.
  • Close and lock the lid.
  • Place the PIPOLINO®-S on the floor, close to where the feeding bowl usually rested, with one end resting against the wall, and the other end resting a few centimeters away from the wall.

  • Drop a few croquettes between the wall and the PIPOLINO®-S.
  • Wait for the dog to come and get the croquettes thus displacing the PIPOLINO®-S.
Care: Never roll the PIPOLINO®-S in front of the pet to get it started. Do not shake or move the PIPOLINO®-S for the pet.
A period of adaptation is sometimes necessary ( up to about 48 hours ): be patient, and never scold in the event of failure; leave the pet alone trusting its capacity to adapt; it is with recalcitrant cats that one can observe the most striking results with a PIPOLINO®-S !

After the period of adaptation:

During subsequent feeds, progressively seek the debit which affords the pet with repletion whilst providing maximum activity.

If at the end of a feed  uneaten croquettes remain on the floor, quickly reduce the number of openings. Subsequently add feed to the PIPOLINO®-S. If the PIPOLINO®-S is constantly accessible, ensure it is always replenished, preferably in the evenings.

Technical details


  1. Rubber treads suitable for food contact
  2. Debit rate adjustment lock screw
  3. Setting mark
  4. Setting positions
  5. Outer openings
  6. Lockable lid

Your PIPOLINO®-S comprises 2 independent concentric cylinders, one imbricated in the other, each with an assortment of openings, which allows rotation to achieve variable debits of feed.

There are 3 basic settings, 8, 2, & 1, with setting 1 providing the smallest debit ( one opening ), as well as intermediate “half-moon” positions depending on the size of the feed.

Recommendations & restrictions

Société PIPOLINO declines all responsibility for damages resulting from the non-compliance with these instructions.


PIPOLINO®-S may be used with any type of croquettes or granules with a diameter of 11 mm or less.

To obtain optimum functionality, PIPOLINO®-S must be placed on an even and smooth surface, such as tiling, either indoors or outdoors ( terrace ).

You may restrict the surface of usage in order to limit the distance of movement, or place the PIPOLINO®-S in a rectangular pen ( length > 30 cm, width > 20 cm, height : 5 to 15 cm ). Take care not to drop the dispenser from a height.

For weak or very skinny pets, set the debit so as to limit the time of ingestion, thus optimising recovery ( setting 8 for a few days, then 2; to be adjusted according to each  set of particular circumstances ).


  • Do not allow young children to play with the PIPOLINO®-S.
  • Do not use the dispenser with moist feed, under the rain, in snow, or on icy surfaces.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO®-S on gravel or surfaces with debris or rubble.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO®-S in the event of inexplicable mobility ailments or sudden disorders.
  • Do not use PIPOLINO®-S with a pet which is blind, paralysed, or wounded.

Particular precautions for DOGS

Dogs must be allowed to feed in calm and shady locations during heat waves, if they are feeding outdoors.

When too large a quantity of feed remains in the distributer the following should be considered:

The feeding requirements of a dog vary with age, the amount of exercise allowed, and the type of life style…all of which affect normal hunger. Adapt rations accordingly.

It may also be a clue to temporary fatigue or health issues. Place a few croquettes before the dog in a dish, and observe its reaction. Based on these you may wish to increase the debit of the PIPOLINO®-S for subsequent feeds, or consult your veterinarian.

The gastric process of your dog should be greatly enhanced by daily use of the PIPOLINO®-S, however standard prudence must   be observed, that is to say no excessive activity after a feed, and if possible a brief period of inaction just prior to a feed.

The PIPOLINO®-S will shepherd your dog’s behaviour,  encouraging an outlay of energy which will vary depending on each dog’s character, and on each set of circumstances. This however is no substitute for regular walks and games, which are indispensable for its well-being. Take care to balance the use of the PIPOLINO®-S with these normal activities so as to avoid excessive fatigue.

Gestation & lactation in CATS and DOGS

The frequency and length of feeds should not be restricted during gestation and lactation. The quantity ( and or  quality ) of the feed must be increased during lactation  (based also on the size of the litter ) compared to normal feeding practice.