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PIPOLINO® is an adjustable flow kibble dispenser; more than a toy, an innovation adapted to all pets!


PIPOLINO® improves the well-being of your animal, fighting sedentarity, boredom and loneliness.


Produced in the South of France, high quality food materials, patented, mobile, silent, clean, without batteries

Health above all

Better health and life expectancy

Acts on many levels to bring to the animal all the good sides of life in nature

Decrease of medical care

Better digestion, maintenance of fitness and regular activity

More well-being

Anti-stress mental activity against boredom and behavioral diseases

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Presentation by Natacha Harry


Bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister who has a very "large" cat. He loves this thing! He has been pushing it around her house since Christmas to get his food. Perfect size for a cat. Even my mother's 3 lb chihuahua was insane for it and could roll it around easily. Great environmental enrichment tool! Highly recommend for all cats.


It actually works! I was not sure my... erhem... "special" cats would figure it out, but I guess they step it up when it comes to food. They are alone all day while we are at work and for various reasons we don't leave out a bowl of food. This way I know they have snacks and stimulation. And they don't leave kibble on the floor like I was afraid of. 


My vet suggested this toy for our cats. They figured it out very quickly and prefer it to a bowl for kibble. I got the bright colored one which is great because the cats will push it all over the house as they play. No more waking me at 3 am complaining that they are hungry!


Ordered this for my fiance's obese cat. He learned how to use it right away! It promotes at least a little activity, and keeps him from vacuuming down his meal. Great for cats that beg for food, as it stretches the meal out.


Our product range


  • Small animalx
  • and puppy/kitten less than 2 kgs
  • 19 cm
  • Dry food max 10mm
  • Tricolor, Gold/Black or Beige/Taupe


  • Cats
  • more than 2 kgs
  • 25 cm
  • Dry food max 12mm
  • Tricolore, White, Pink ou Beige/Taupe


  • Dogs
  • until 40 kgs or 15 kgs if destructive
  • 25 cm
  • Dry food max 17mm
  • Red/Black or Beige/Taupe


  • Dogs or Ponys
  • more than 40 kgs or than 15 kg if destructive
  • 35 cm
  • Dry food max 20mm
  • Red/Black


  • Horses
  • or Ponys more than 250 kgs
  • 35 cm
  • Dry food max 20mm
  • Green/Blue or Black

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About us

PIPOLINO SARL is a French family business created to design and build, distribute innovative products for animal welfare, and to benefit all pets.

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