Why Pipolino?

Make your pet happy, and immediately take advantage of that happiness !

You can see that it lacks something to your animal: : he is too big, he’s bored, he is anxious, he is sad, he always claime to eat, he is nervous, aggressive, vocalizes a lot, or suffer health disorders (cystitis, vomiting, dermatitis, hair loss, bladder stones, …).

Do you know what is the matter?  In spite of your affection  and the comfort that you wear , there is a natural need: to be in search of food , is the main reason for living in the nature.

The only real solution that provides all the benefits of nature is the PIPOLINO: durable  occupation, physical and mental activity ,and slow ingestion of food.

By offering a Pipolino, you confirm your affection and preoccupation for you confirm your affection and preoccupation for the well-being and health of your pet. It’s so simple and so easy that it is hard to believe it !  then read the various testimonials below and let us know about your own experience with his PIPOLINO. You will be happy of the happiness of your pet and we can congratulate you for  your initiative very progressive but essential!

Make your pet happy, and immediately take advantage of that happiness.

  • The PIPOLINO is the solution to a lot of  behavior diseases, and  it will allow him, to restore its slimness and vibrancy of his youth!
  • The PIPOLINO is the only device that brings to  all the animals the BENEFITS OF NATURE
  • Your pet needs to be happy: sustainable occupation, physical activity, eating slow food, stress-free are the answer to many problems of the master!

PIPOLINO is designed to be rolled by an animal. It could break if it falls :

  • Do not leave the PIPOLINO on the table
  • Do not use the PIPOLINO in proximity of stair

Be careful:

  • Use the good size PIPOLINO corresponding to the animal
  • Never leave the PIPOLINO to an animal that can pick it up in its mouth.
  • Have an adult supervision in presence of young children;

Who needs a PIPOLINO?

  • All the cats leaving in a multicat household
  • 90% of indoor cats
  • 60%of outdoor cats
  • Obese animal
  • Animal sleeping all day(depression)
  • Animal  vocalizing during the night
  • Anxious or shy animals
  • Aggressive animal(toward other animal or toward owners)
  • Hyperactive animal
  • Animals  eating too fast and vomiting or regurgitating after meal(bulimia)
  • Animal grooming and licking their body excessively
  • Animals  urine marking or house soiling.